Rock Tumbler Grit Kit 5 steps for Tumbling/polishing

Now that Christmas is over, you will need some grit kits for that new tumbler...

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This Rock tumbler Grit Kit is pre-measured for your convience, enough to polish 2- 1.5lb or one- 3lbs rotary tumbler. (tumbler and polished stones not included)

Use to polish your agates, quartz, jaspers, granite, glass etc...

Helpful instruction site will be with your kit.

Step 1 Coarse Grit 60/90 Silicon Carbide (4 oz)

Step 2 Fine Grit 120/220 Silicon Carbide (4 oz)

Step 3 Pre-polish 500/600 (4 oz)

Step 4 Polish (4 oz)

Step 5 Burnish Soap final cleaning and polishing for extra luster.

Plastic pellets are reusable.

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