ROCKET Crystal Radio

It was the late 60's when I bought 2 old rocket crystal radios from a friend. One worked the other was for parts, who knew then. A few years back I found this ROCKET CRYSTAL RADIO in a store out west. They only had 3. I bought 2 because that is what I had as a kid. I ride the commuter bus to work and I listen to one of the AM stations going in. With all the Ipods, cell phones, and other digital gizmos, people are still fasinated by this little rocket. I clip the antenna to the buses metal window frame and I hold it at the base. They can't believe that it works with no batteries.

I'm parting with this one that was never used. This is a great collectable that still functions on no batteries, it also initiated my radio hobby. Sometimes you need a break to keep things in life simple, and this little Rocket Crystal Radio initiated simplicity. Shipping is flat at $5.00, Personal checks, Walmart and USPS money order is accepted. Thanks for looking, and remember our Troops this Memorial Day.