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This is a replica of the menus seen in the Bulldog Cafe scenes of The Rocketeer. The double sided menu is
complete with all the items on the original. It's lightly aged and comes in the black trim menu holder with
brass corners as seen pictured below.
For authenticity the artwork was hand drawn by me and then scanned rather than using digital paint tools.
Check my other auctions for more fine prop replicas.
WARNING: Be aware of cheap imitations of my work being sold on ebay.
Because my replicas are the best, t are several people on ebay ripping them off and selling copies for
less. Naturally, t is a loss of quality as you are getting a second generation copy. Why pay less for
inferior cheap knock-offs!? Buy the best. Buy Kurtyboy. If in doubt, please contact me.
Shipping is free worldwide!
See the images below and compare them to the real thing! .
Screen used: