Rockstop Draw Modules RSH2 Fred Bear 29 or 30 in. Draw

you are buying a RSH2 draw module for a Fred Bear Truth, Code, Instinct or Element compound bows. This module provides a draw length of 29 or 30 inches depending on the bow. In all t are eight RSH series or Rockstop modules with the #1 being the longest draw length and the #8 being the shortest. The modules change the draw lengths in one inch increments longer or shorter to fit the draw length you would like. The PWC cam on these bows has an adjustment screw for 1/2 inch draw length changes which requires a bow press. Thank you for your interest and questions are welcomed??????????

The draw lengths are: Element 30 inches

Code 30 inches

Instinct 29 inches

Truth 29 inches

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