Rockstop / RSH Draw Modules One Mod of your Choice

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This is a multiple listing for the purchase of one RSH module of your choice, all the modules are pictured for reference only and are not included for the single module listing price. Please let me know which module you need in a note with your Paypal payment and send an eBay message to be sure your module will get in the mail as fast as possible. I don't have a checkout system which includes the module type. If you choose to leave an offer please indicate which module you need with the offer in terms. Please ask for available modules before your payment is made or

Discription; You are buying one RSH module that were used on Buckmaster, Fred Bear, Bear, Golden Eagle and Jennings bows. These modules are marked RSH1 to RSH8, change the draw length in one inch increments and the RSH1 will make the longest draw length. These are 75% let-off modules that will work in place of the 75% W modules. The perimeter weighted cams that use the RSH modules will adjust +/- 1/2 inch with the string post. A bow press is required to change the string post setting. The whole numbered draw lengths should be with the string post at center. There are to many bows to list that use these modules so please send all the information listed below if you don't know which module you need.

Draw Lengths
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