Roger Maris 06 Topps Sterling 4 gu w/stripe /10

About the card

This is a 2006 Topps Sterling card featuring 4 game worn/used items from Roger Maris.

This card contains 3 pieces of game worn jersey/uniform (1 with a stripe)and 1 piece of game used bats.

Not enough of these cards to go around with only 10 made.

This card is numbered on the front 06/10

These game used item are in the shape of 2MVP for his 2nd MVP Award.

Topps certifies the game worn/used items on this card.

In the book, Topps sent to dealers introducing these cards it states (T NEVER HAS BEEN A SET LIKE THIS!)

This auction is for the card only , however if the winner would like the box I will sell it as follows.

Just a box $10.50 - this price also covers the extra shipping


The box with the Roger Maris band 16.50 - this price also covers the extra shipping. **TEMP. SOLD OUT


If you are going to display your card in the open box, the band only fits on the box when it's closed so you will have to find a safe place to keep the band.

I have included a picture of the box and is for viewing only and is offered at additional cost.

About the box

Not just a card holder but also a display piece

It is made of cherry. It is hinged, has felt on the bottom and
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