Rogers Sterling Silver-Springtime Primrose-39 pc set

Vintage Sterling Silverware

Springtime / Primrose

Rogers-International Sterling Silverware

39 pieces

Discontinued in 1935

Pieces in this set:

5 dinner forks

7 salad forks

7 individual butter knives (entire knife is sterling âe" blade and handle)

8 dinner knives (sterling handles, stainless blades)

4 teaspoons

8 soup spoons

This silverware set is one of only 7 patterns of sterling silver flatware that was made for Rogers Company by International Silver. All of Rogersâe(tm) other patterns are silver plated.

Condition: Excellent - This set has been used and has the minor scratches you would expect from use. It does not have any damage such as stains or distortion (with the exception of one spoon âe" it has a barely noticeable bend in the tip of the handle). The pieces have all been recently cleaned and are free of tarnish.

This pattern is called Springtime , but it is identical to the Primrose pattern (also sterling by Rogers/International) in every respect but one âe" Primrose is a pierced pattern (also called open work âe" the design on the handles is not solid). When I checked on replacement pieces for this pattern, I was told Springtime pieces are difficult to find, and that I should consider using the Primrose
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