Rolan Johnson Angel Christmas Card Print

" Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to yhe Newborn King" 1996 Christmas Card by Rolan Johnson. The print is 8 1/2"x20 " and weighs approximately 4 ounces. A perfect addition to any angel-lovers house!

The Rolan A. Johnson Company, Inc. in Peoria, Illinois, has been in existence for over sixty years fulfilling the screen printing needs of the community. For forty years, during the Christmas season, Rolan Johnson used his artistic talents to the fullest by creating unique, original, screen-printed greeting cards that he designed and mailed out to over two thousand family members, friends, and business associates. More than just a card, the Christmas prints were large enough to be framed and are considered to be collectables by many.

These mosaic prints had either a stone or stained glass look and were Rolan's "labor of love." Rolan spent hundreds of design and production hours on each card. After selecting the perfect Christmas picture, he then sketched and added other components until the final full-scale design was complete. Each individual tile of the mosaic pattern was drawn and colored in by hand. Many times the tiles were rearranged and re-colored to get the perfect effect. Each card consisted of up to twelve to fourteen colors which had to be printed separately in order to obtain the mosaic look. Not stopping
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