Roland AX7 Keytar (includes manual and genuine Roland strap)

You are bidding on a Roland AX7 keytar which I have had since 2004. I have been using it on-stage up until last month when I bought the new Roland keytar. All functions work, but it is in very used condition. The touchpad/mod bar is loose because I believe there is a screw that has worked it way loose, but it functions as it should. There are numerous scuffs, marks, scrapes, etc. There is also, as noted in the pics, on the neck behind the touchpad/mod bar a repair to the neck. It began to crack, and to fix it I used liquid plastic cement, so tehre is a big spot there, but it doesn't impede the playability. All keys work, and I am including the manual and the original Roland strap. The case is held together at the edges by a series of screws which secure the front and back by plastic tubes that they fit in, and those tubes tend to break after awhile, which is the case with my keytar. With older keytars, I held them together with clear packing tape so it wasn't noticeable. I have not done so with this one, but it will probably need that fix sometime soon.

It is guaranteed to work, but I am selling as-is due to its cosmetic issues. I only ship within the continental US, and only accept Paypal as payment. The reserve is low, but there so I just don't give it away.