Roland Fantom X7 Workstation Keyboard w/SKB Case

USED! Roland Fantom X7 - 76-key, synth action sampling workstation

This Fantom X7 is used but overall very clean. Everything functions as it should. The SKB rolling hard case is included, along with the power cable and the manual. There's a small chip on the right-hand edge of the keyboard which is pictured above.

The Fantom X7 ...They say first impressions are important, and the Fantom-X series delivers. And it keeps delivering...there are so many things about this workstation that dazzle you: a strong selection of superb sounds, a fantastic user-interface with a large color LCD display, a pad set eases drum programming and sampling, and much more. Let's start with the sounds.

128MB of Wave ROM, 128 Notes of Polyphony ...This is Roland's strongest synthesizer to date. It will literally take you hours to audition all of the built-in sounds, and the quality of sound will strike you. The new Grand Piano sound is exceptional (to our ears), and the rest of the sounds follow suit. Need more sounds? Each Fantom can be expanded using Roland's SRX expansion library, and you can add the genre of sounds that you need. Working on orchestral composition? For example, Roland offers a few SRX expansions that specifically addresses orchestra samples.

In addition, the built-in sampler can be used to create your own new sounds,
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