ROLAND MC50 mkll Sequencer

Here for Auction is a ROLAND MC-50 mkll Micro Composer/ Sequencer, In AS NEW CONDITION, In the original Box, With all the original accessories..............


1) MC-50 mkll Micro Composer

2) Roland Transformer ACI 120j

3) 2 Midi Cables

4) All Owners Manuals/ Manual #1 User's Guide/ Manuel #2 Reference Guide/ Owners Manual/ Quick Start Guide/ Additional Bonus of a Glossy Color OverView of the MC-50 Showing Specifications and Technical Information/ and finally the original receipt showing the my Special discounted Employee Cost of $477.00 and the fact I was the original and only owner. These units were selling for over $600 retail.

5) 3- Double Density Sony Floppy Discs...........

Unlike Computer Based Systems, the MC-50 is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and set up at gigs or recording sessions. Eight songs can be stored in internal memory. Each song can accomodate 9,999 measures per son or 40,000 events. with the built in disc drive you can store approximately 150,000 events on a 3.5" floppy disc...........

This Unit was a back up that was used sparingly in the home studio when the #1 unit was on the road, and the first one I purchased is still functioning flawlessly. These units are TIMELESS * and will probaly never be obsolete.
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