ROLAND sound canvas SC-8850

The Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850
I am selling my well loved Roland sound canvas due to upgrading some of my equiptment. The module has been well looked after and in good condition - bar a few scratches as you'd expect from a used item.
All buttons and functions fully working.
Official Description:
Most powerful of the sound canvases packing 1640 tones, 128 voices, 64 parts & 64 insertion effects
- Tone generation comprising up to four voices per tone
- Up to 128 polyphonic sounds and 64 parts
- 1,640 tones and 63 drum sets
- Large-sized LCD with 160 x 64 dots, and rotary encoder
- Phrase preview function provided
Larger Performances! Now with 64 part MIDI capability and an incredible 128 note polyphony (notes capable simultaneous) you have all the head-room you need to produce giant orchestral scores or create complex personal sounds by layering many parts together. And, with over 1600 sounds to choose from and 63 complete rhythm/drum sets you have a tonal selection unmatched in a desktop media production environment.
NEW Natural Piano and String Sounds! Stereo sampled piano and string sounds comprised of four separate voices produce all the natural and majestic feeling of the real instruments. New Natural Playing Technique Patches! Included in the SC-8850 are dozens of new patches designed
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