Roland SR-JV80-04 VINTAGE SYNTH expansion - boxed MINT for JV2080,XV5080,X3080

Roland SR-JV80-04 VINTAGE SYNTH expansion board
Boxed, complete and as NEW
Here for sale is a fully tested Roland SR-JV80-04 VINTAGE SYNTH expansion board for JV80,JV-1080,JV-2080,XV5080,XV3080 and other compatible synths.
I was lucky enough to buy this brand new about 2 years ago. The contents are complete including board, manual, registration card, decal, and tools.
Kept in a bag in another box, it has been well looked after and hardly used and as such is still like NEW.
I'm only selling it because I sold my XV5080.
A must-have board for every keyboardist interested in classic synthesizer patches, SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth focuses on a myriad of classic waveforms from all synthesizers "that count" - including many from Roland's own stable.
On offer are lots of samples from such classics as Roland Jupiter and Super-Jupiter, SH series, Juno, VP-330, but also from other brands such as Oberheim OB series, Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, and many more.
The sound quality of this collection is superb - the programmers were able to capture the analog feel of most of the samples, and treated them with expert programming to add even more authenticity to the static waveforms.
We have all kinds of sounds here, ranging from classic synth bass and soft pads, to resonant special effects, analog strings,
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