selling one of my beloved reverb units, in good condition and the top spec model with digital ins and outs (spdif) (rrp £699)
heres a review from sound on sound summing it up nicely!
Features The SRV-3030D is a single-rack-space processor with memory card slot for storing additional programs, large backlit LCD, four data entry knobs and a handful of buttons. With XLR balanced inputs and outputs, as well as 1/4" balanced jacks, the SRV-3030D's I/O is definitely one step above the common budget processor. Add in S/PDIF digital input and output, and the SRV-3030D integrates into most any studio setup. Expression pedal and footswitch jacks enhance the unit's flexibility in live performance situations. In keeping with a common trend, the SRV-3030D has two processing engines (units) the user can configure for true stereo, parallel or series operation. The reverb processors can be set to generate a standard reverb effect, gated reverb, nonlinear reverb or ambience - these reverb modes also offer several variations within each type. Each reverb unit has a compressor on its input and fully parametric three-band EQ on its output. The SRV-3030D also offers two other processor engines designed to enhance the reverb effect. One stereo modulation processor generates resonator, phaser or flange/chorus
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