ROLAND V-Synth XT W/ KORG microKORG!!!

Hardware Synth fans!!! If you are reading this, you probably already know what these things can do. If not, you definitely need to google them before you make a mistake purchasing something else! The V-Synth XT is in like-new (flawless) condition. The microKORG is in excellent condition. It has light wear marks on the wood cheeks but that's about it. They both have been lightly used in a smoke-free environment and work flawlessly. These beauties have been fun to work with and really inspire the creative flow. Unfortunately I need the money, so they have to go. I will ship them in the original boxes with all of the original content, including manuals. If you are in the market for a "top of the line" hardware synth, this is the deal to take! This package is like no other because you're essentially getting three synths and a free memory card for the price of one synth: -V-Synth XT- comes with the Roland D-50 synth and the Vocal Designer vocoder pre-installed. The touch screen color interface makes this the most intuitive and most fun hardware synth to play and program (in my honest opinion). T is a lot going on in this little package! -microKORG- has unbelievably huge sound and a vocoder w/ mic included. It is a breeze to program. Works great as a controller for the V-Synth XT but also an excellent keyboard in it's own right (used by ... read more