Roland TD20 Drum Kit. 4 toms. 4 cymbals, Snare + stand and stool. VH12 H/H

1 x TD 20 brain with 512mb flash card for backups and storing extra kits. Plug in your Ipod and your headphones and use the onboard mixer to play along with your favorite tracks. N.B. Ipod and headphones not included but rack mounted Ipod holder is.

1 x Drum stool.

1 x Rack pre wired with 16 inputs (3 Spare with this line up.)

1 x PD 125 Snare 12.5 inch and Pearl stand. Trigger on skin and rim.

1 x VH 12 Hi Hat on Iron Cobra stand.

1 x KD 120 Kick. N.B. NO KICK PEDDLE INCLUDED. See other items for sale for Iron Cobra double peddle and case.

2 x PD 105 Toms 10.5 inch.Trigger on skin and rim.

2 x PD 125 Toms 12.5 inch Trigger on skin and rim.

3 x CY 14C Crash Cymbals. Trigger on Bell and Edge

1 x CY 15R Ride Cymbal. Trigger on Bell, Ride and Edge

50 preset Kits. 100 Preset Patterns. All triggers can be seperately programmed with any of 560 stored drums and percussion then edit them with Shell type/depth, Head type, Mic position, Head tuning, Cymbal type and size...add chorus, reverb, compression .....also has 25 room types for editing the whole kit....the list goes on. Then fire it out to MIDI, headphones or an Amp. SEE my other listings for a Roland PM 10 Drum monitor and Iron Cobra double bass drum peddle.