Roland TD3 electronic drum kit set

Roland TD3 electronic drumkit
This is a very good kit and far and away better than cheap electonic kits for sale. You can play rimshots, choke cymbals and set multiple sounds on one pad.
* TD-3 Percussion Sound Module
* 3x CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pads
* Independent KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad
* FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
* The PDX-8 Snare Pad, as well as giving a fantastic bounce required for rolling and flamming, is capable of producing rimshots
* upright kick drum trigger on the Roland TD-3. The KD-8 Kick Trigger Pads vertical design not only gives drummers a better feel compared to reverse-type kick triggers, but also reduces trembling for really solid kick sounds.
The TD-3 has become well-established as the best starter kits in the world, featuring Rolands superb PDX-8 snare mesh V-pad and super-responsive CY-8 cymbal pads.
The sound module includes over 30 different brilliantly sampled drum kits, with ambience effects and metronome facilities.
For the toms the Roland TD-3 V Drums Kit includes the quiet PD-8 rubber pads with dual trigger support for rim shots.
The CY-8 cymbals (two crash/one ride) offer dual-triggering for bow or edge sound, swinging motion and choke capabilities for superb realism.
Excellent condition.
I will upload a picture of the actual kit shortly.
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