Rolex 16610 Submariner SS

Special Rolex Submariner all papers box anchor Swiss seal wallet booklet etc everything that came with it in 1994.The watch is the Submariner date chronometer without the cyclops eye supplied by Rolex Why is it special well it was supplied by Rolex with no cyclops eye as requested . It was purchased from Goldsmiths with a sea dweller at the same time and I had decided that I didn't want the cyclops eye and could see that the sea dweller glass would fit so asked Rolex to supply which they did. After two weeks my daughter dropped a dive bottle on the watch and the glass cracked so I sent it back to Rolex and they sent me it back with a new cyclops glass fitted. So of course I sent it back and said please put a non cyclops eye back if you can they weren't very happy but they did as requested
.I also sent it back to have the accuracy made perfect as it was out of the chronometer boundaries a fraction.
All this will be documented by Rolex as it was all done through them ,you can look up the records via the serial number .(Given on request if you need to check) The look of the watch to my eyes is better without the cyclops as the symmetry of the watch face isn't distorted and cyclops always seem to catch the light which can be annoying. The watch has been worn as a dive watch and has dived every ship in Scapa Flow, been the
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