Roll of 20 1963 Proof Franklin 90% Silver Half Dollars

One roll of 20 1963 Proof Franklin 90% Silver Half Dollars.

All of these coins were pulled from sealed US Mint Proof Sets. Care was taken not to touch or contaminate these coins in any way. To preserve their current condition, these coins were placed a brand new, never used archival quality tube.

Please note : These coins were only inspected to verify the year and count. They were not individually inspected to cull for cameos, deep cameos, variations, toned coins or mint errors. Some coins may be toned, discolored or spotted. The photo attached to this auction is a stock photo.

Face value $10.00. According to there is 7.2339 troy ounces of silver in 20 Silver Franklin Half Dollars. This is a great website to visit. It has a lot of data about coins and many links to numerous other websites. It is a great resource for anyone interested in gold, silver and coins in general.

Price includes free USA Priority Mail postage and delivery confirmation.(R6350)

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