A roll of 20 Peace Dollars - mixed dates/mintmarks.

We handle a lot of Morgan and Peace Dollars. We sell the higher grade/key date coins individually and bundle the rest up in rolls or smaller groups. We normally sell with the lowest "Buy It Now" prices on silver dollar rolls because we pass on the economy of scale to our buyers. With the current market volatility we have decided to list these rolls in 24 hour auctions, with a 99 cents start and no reserve.

This roll has a mix of dates and mintmarks (in the order appearing in the photos).



1923/1923/1923-S/1923-S/ 1923-S

1925/1925/ 1926-D/1926-S/1926-S

We will make no comment on the grades of these coins. Some may have been improperly cleaned, have rim dings or other issues, but many are lightly circulated coins with no issues. Please see the photos and decide for yourself. This roll weighed in on our postal scale at 534 grams which is within a whisker of the weight for an uncirculated roll.

The coins in the photos are the actual coins which you will receive. They will be placed in a coin tube and shipped by USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation.

We only accept Due to the volatility in the markets, payment for this item must be made within
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