2- roll 2010 hot springs national state park quarter

hello up for bid is a two brand new uncirculated bank roll first ever made national state park quarter we just purchased these in hotsprings national state park at the mint realese i have used a c stamp to go more centennial stamp to make the rolls the rolls worth more for my buyers.

and if you didnt notice in the pictures these have been doubled cancelled with the black ceremoal stamp and the hotsprings ark red cancele stamp thier were only 2 people that standing and both lines to get both cancele stamps thier were people that wanted to but just wasnt enough time for every one to go through 2 lines and the 5 hour span.

also included in this auction is a cancelled stamped program from the mint release

these are very rare do to them making 5 different quarters this year and the low mintage because of the econemy so get them before people find out hard these are going to get trust me on that they are making .

just to give a idea why i say that 2009 linconl penny 4 different coins 2010 quarters five different coins so thier are only 20% of minted for each coin thats why im stating the value on these compared to the lincoln coins.

thanks for looking at my items.

good luck bidding.

have any questions just email me thanks.