Roll of 40 2007-S Proof Washington State 90% Silver Quarters

One roll of 40 2007-S Proof Washington 90% Silver Quarters. State of Washington issue from the 50 state series.

The US Mint ceased production of 90% silver coins in 1964. Starting in 1992, the mint resumed minting 90% silver dimes, quarters and half dollars exclusively for their annual Silver Proof Sets. These coins are produced to the exact weight and specifications as were 1964 and before 90% silver coins. All of these proof coins bear the “S” San Francisco mintmark. Most of these coins were produced with a deep cameo appearance. These are exceptionally brilliant, beautiful coins. Since these coins were only produced for Silver Proof Sets, the mintage numbers are quite low. For 2007, the mint only produced 677,996 Silver Proof Sets and 416,997 Silver 50 State Quarter Proof Sets for a total mintage of 1,094,993 silver quarters.

All of these coins were just pulled from sealed US Mint proof sets. Extreme care was taken not to touch or contaminate these coins in any way. To preserve their condition, these coins were placed a brand new, never used archival quality tube.

Please note: These coins were only inspected to verify the year and count. They were not individually inspected to cull for cameos, deep cameos, variations, toned coins or mint errors. The photo attached to this auction is a stock photo.

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