Roll of 50 BU 1963-D Roosevelt 90% Silver Dimes Denver Mint

One roll of 50 1963-D uncirculated Roosevelt 90% Silver Dimes. These coins were pulled from US Mint uncirculated coin Mint Sets. Coins will arrived packaged in a brand new archival quality Coinsafe square tube.

All of these coins are from the Denver Mint.

These coins were not searched for higher grades, mint errors or variations. Some coins may show natural toning from being stored in the US Mint cellophane packaging. These coins have an investment advantage of not having been worn down in general circulation. They are still the same true weight as when originally minted. That is not the case with a lot of older junk silver.

Face value $5.00. According to there is 3.617 troy ounces of silver in 50 Silver Roosevelt Dimes. This is a great website to visit. It has a lot of data about coins and many links to numerous other websites. It is a great resource for anyone interested in gold, silver and coins in general.

Price includes free USA first class postage and delivery confirmation.(L2413)

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