1 Roll Common Wheat Penny/1 Mercury Dime/1 Indian Head-1 in 80 has key 1909s vdb

Found so Far: a 1909s, 1922 plain, 1931s, 1914d, 1924d and 1944 d/s located in last 4 lots. Good luck.

So, why the title? Because I am sick of negative comments becuase people don't read descriptions and eBay shut down my last auctions for lack of description (they were unsearched rolls). So to limit surprise and disappointment, I opened each roll to take pictures of every coin in the rolls that I sell individually. I don't search the pennies that I buy in bulk, but people think I do. So... now they are. Every roll still has a chance for the big coin. After taking pictures of each roll, I put the key date in one of them. So, one roll will have 51 coins. Now, the rolls in the By it Now auction will not have pics of each coin but expect only 1950's wheat pennies in there as well. Some of rolls may be decent and I will add in some semi keys and early dates in a couple of these rolls, but don't count on getting anything good in these rolls. Again, You may get lucky and get a good roll, but don't count on it. Only 1 out of 80 rolls will have a key date.

In this lot, the 1 in 80 roll will contain a 1909s VDB. I can make this claim with 100% assurity because I put it there. Please remember that you are likely to get a roll of all common date coins in this lot but someone will get the key date. Also, please leave feedback
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