Roll Indian Head Cents 50 Coins Mixed Dates from Large Hoard some before 1900 d

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Roll Indian Head Cents 50 Coins Mixed Dates from Large Hoard some before 1900 d

Some time ago I aquired a large hoard (over 4500) Indian Head cents. This auction is for 50 coins (one roll) from this hoard. I will not bore you with lies of being unsearch (I have no idea what the previous owner did), or that these came from a 100 year old collector who only saved coins dated before 1900, or that these are from an estate sale (why do people fall for that line), or that these came from my great, great grandfathers collection, etc. NOPE, won't do that. I can tell you these are mixed dates and do include some coins from the 1890's (about 10-20%), but since most surviving Indian Head Cents are from the 1900's, this will make up a large portion of the roll. Coins will come from the pictures shown. I will ship them in a roll. I will not put dimes or tokens on the end of the roll to hype these. These are just plain old Indian Head Cents and will be mixed dates as shown. The condition of the coins will likely be mostly in the Good to Very Good condition with a few About Good and maybe a few Fine. As I put together the roll, I will PULL OUT any obvious CULLS so that you will get a very nice roll of coins. I say OBVIOUS as I am sure a few coins that might

Starting bid of $49.99. If you win multiple auctions, p lease wait for an eBay invoice from me so I can ensure shipping discounts.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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