1 Roll Silver Roosevelt Dimes, 46-64 Mixed

The dimes pictured are exactly the ones you will get. Beware of stock pictures from other sellers. Stock pictures deceive.

Silver Dimes

by: Hal Herrington

Brother can you spare one? The U. S. silver dime. The lowly dime. Perhaps the very best inflation hedge of all. Maybe the most recognized coin on the planet. The collectors coin. The survivalist currency. When it all comes crashing down, a few in your pocket could bring you across the country. You may be able to trade one for a loaf of bread, a gallon of gas or such. When that happens, it's not likely that they will be giving change. That same loaf of bread could well cost you whatever you have in your pocket, perhaps a gold eagle or a Krugerrand. No other precious metal coin is as identifiable around the world as the American silver dime. It's worth it's weight in silver, has value as a collectable, and it always will be worth at least 10 cents. Try a 10 oz or 100 oz bar, and you will see raised eyebrows. How are you gonna make change for that bar, for those 10 troy ounces? It can get confusing. There are only 12 Troy ounces in a Troy pound, and Troy ounces are heavier than Avoirdupois ounces, but a Troy pound is lighter than a Avoirdupois pound because.....there are only 12 ounces in one(Troy lb). Google it, and spend your evening figuring it out, and
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