Rollei XF 35 35mm Rangefinder camera Sonnar 40mm lens Lomo Canonet Hi-Matic

This is a used, excellent condition ROLLEI XF35 35mm rangefinder camera, made in Singapore. It has a few marks from use and a little paint loss at the end of the winding lever, but overall very nice with no dents or signs of misuse.
The camera is in full working order and has been film-tested. The results were phenomenal, particularly with color film. The 40mm Sonnar lens on this little camera is quite sharp and contrasty.
The rangefinder has been aligned and the light meter adjusted for proper exposure with the easy-to-find 1.5v ALKALINE 625 batteries (it original used the outlawed Mercury 1.35v). The XF35 is one of Rollei's lesser-known endeavors, and I believe a pretty under-appreciated camera with some unique features. It's about the same size as the Canonet QL17 GIII but lighter in weight. One of the cool things about this camera is NO LIGHT SEALS to deteriorate. The back door has a deep enough ridge that is doesn't need them.
The lens is manual focus and works from 2.8 ft-Infinity and the exposure is automatic in most conditions. The viewfinder displays the shutter/aperture combination. When there is not enough light, the needle goes into the red area, letting you know you can switch to "B" (bulb) setting for time exposures. If your battery dies you can still take pictures at the "default" shutter speed (I believe
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