Roller Derby's Greatest DVDs 6G SF Bombers 1977-78 Set

Roller Derby's Greatest DVDs 6 Game SF Bay Bombers Set

The last 2 years of the classic SF Bay Bombers are here in this set as the final games on tape for the great Ken Monte, Gerry Murray, Joe Chaump and Annie Bauer... Bombers vs Red Devils 1978, Kezar Pavilion - This game is known for Joan Weston slugging a referee and getting ejected besides the best fights of the 1978 season. Don Drewry calls this 2nd half game with Charlie O'Connell who is out of action due to injury. The Bombers are led by the Golden Girl Joanie Weston with Delores Tucker, Judy McGuire, Terry Lewis, Willy Ryan, Cliff Butler, James Paul, Bill Groll, Dynamite Mike Gammon and Alvin Mallory. The spunky Red Devils, not known for backing down to fights, have Coach Cal Stephens, Larry Lee, Tony Smith, Earl Pearson, Chris Rowe, Chris Keenan, Ann Calvello, Jackie Garello, JJ Burton and Terri Inabnett. Jackie Garello carries the Red Devil womens jamming while Judy McGuire does the same for the Bomber women. Fantastic free for all fight at the end of the 6th period as Larry Lee finds out the punching power of Cliff Butler. In the 7th period one of the all time greatest Weston-Calvello brawls as Joanie not only decks banana nose but also decks referee Hugh Kindle, getting her ejected for the game. Not to be outdone the men come back with a game ending fight with
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