Rolling Rock LP gas grill 12000 BTUS. Collectible.

Up for auction is a brand new Rolling Rock collectible 12000 BTU LP gas grill. This grill was at our family tavern for the last two years, it was never used and has been stored in the box. I was actually surprised to see how big the grill is, I originally thought the grill was a small strictly portable grill to bring to concerts, tailgates Etc. however, it can be used in a permanent fashion. Th attachable legs are simple and quick to attach which makes it very versatile. The grill can also be used as a stand up grill as it has a set of attachable legs that allow the grill to stand on its own. As you can see below I took a picture of the grill next to a full size grill which we actually use at our home and it is of comparable size to that grill.
The pictures show a bottom shelf, which is also green and says Rolling Rock, this shelf gives the bottom of the legs stability. This shelf has fasteners which screw into the legs. The shelf sits higher than depicted, I did not want to screw it in due to the fact that the hardware is in a sealed bag and I did not want to rick losing anything.
Overall the grill is in very good condition it has a few minor scratches and dings that are common when big items are shipped. The grill is made of metal, and has dual cooking racks. The grill comes with everything necessary, except the tank,
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