Rolling Stone #68 - Jimi Hendrix

ID #9196
I have graded this magazine in "Good" Condition.
Grading is as follows:
Poor condition usually means that part of the magazine is missing in some way.
Good condition means that the magazine is complete but can have a variety of defects such as writing on it, numerous creases, wrinkles, stains, browning or yellowing of the pages and other stuff like that.
Very good condition means that it is a decent copy that a collector might want, however higher grades are definitely more collectible. Defects are t but not as obvious or minor.
Fine condition means that the magazine is relatively flat, however the inside pages that stick out past the cover might have some minor folding or tearing but overall doesn't do too much to the overall appearance.
Very Fine condition is a nice copy just one very minor fold or tear to the inner pages.
Near Mint is like Mary Poppins, Practically perfect in every way.
Rolling Stone #68 – Jimi Hendrix – October 15, 1970
In this issue:
* Jimi Hendrix 1945-1970
* An Appreciation: Jimi Hendrix
* Singing Some Songs For Woody Guthrie
* Little Richard Ill: ‘I’m In God’s Hand’
* Split Decision In Morrison Trial
* Mastering Dylan’s Next Album
* Family Dog Bellies Up
* Tom Wolfe Didn’t Attend
* T Would Be Tight
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