6 Rolls Mueller 2-1/2" X 30 Yards Athletic Pre-Wrap - 11 COLOR CHOICES

6 Rolls of Mueller 2-1/2" X 30 Yards Athletic Pre-Wrap - Basketball players, gymnasts, hockey players, lacrosse players, track and field athletes and soccer players use pre-wrap under taped ankles, knees, wrists and even wear it in their hair! So how did prosaic pre-wrap, created for sports medicine to serve as a soft, filmy barrier between skin and sticky athletic tape, attain cool fashion statement status among teen and preteen female athletes? It probably got started when somebody dug into a sports medicine bag and found a substitute for a forgotten headband.

And gymnastics coaches love it too! You can use pieces of pre-wrap to make a temporary bar when your gym students are learning new skills - if they hit their feet on pre-wrap it just doesn’t hurt. You can also make temporary finish lines with pre-wrap - visual markers for your gymnasts to leap over, jump over, tumble over, etc.

Here are some other cool pre-wrap applications: Used under your feet in skates, ski boots and other footwear, pre-wrap helps prevent blisters. Pre-wrap guards and cushions shins from shin guards. Pre-wrap holds up spaniel's (and other dog breed's) floppy ears. Wrapped around dog's paws, it helps keep dog's boots from slipping off. Fishermen use pre-wrap to make colorful fishing lures. "Pre-wrap is a great wrap for tendinitis and Osgood-Schlatter
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