ROMAN EMPIRE-JOVIAN 363-364 AD Bronze Wreath "Votive" Ancient Roman Coin

ROMAN EMPIRE- JOVIAN 363-364 AD Bronze Wreath "Votive" Constantinople mint Ancient Roman Coin weight-2,32gr diameter-20mm see my other items GOOD LUCK Worldwide and combined shipping is possible! VERY RARE AND SCARCE ROMAN COIN TOP CONDITION supplier of all our packages is a German registered mail with tracking number of the shipment

Flavius Iovianus, anglicized to Jovian, (331 – 17 February 364) was a soldier elected Roman Emperor by the army on 27 June 363 upon the death of Emperor Julian the Apostate during his Sassanid campaign. Jovian reestablished Christianity as the favored religion of the Empire.

Jovian was born at Singidunum (today Belgrade , Serbia ) in 331, son of (Flavius?) Varronianus, the commander of Constantius II 's imperial bodyguards (comes domesticorum). He also joined the guards, and by 363 had risen to the same command that his father had once held. In this capacity, Jovian accompanied the Roman Emperor Julian on the Mesopotamian campaign of the same year against Shapur II , the Sassanid king. After a small but decisive engagement the Roman army was forced to retreat from the numerically superior Persian force. Julian was mortally wounded during the retreat and died on 26 June 363. The next day, after the aged Saturninius Secundus Salutius ,praetorian prefect of the Orient, declined the purple, the
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