Roman Officer Helmet, Praetorian, Gladiator, SPQR

Well, it is: a brass replica of the helmet worn by Roman officers as well as Praetorian Guardsmen in Ancient Rome. Clearly based on the Praetorians depicted in the famous Louvre Frieze and elsew (see accompanying photo is from the Antoninus Pius monument in Rome). Fits up to a size 7 3/8 head, measures just over 24" inside circumference. This is a "dress" type helmet, NOT a "combat" one... not recommended for SCA use. It is, however, real brass (18 gauge), and not plastic, stainless steel, or some "metal-like substance" found out t The real Romans used bronze during the Republic, then eventually replaced it with brass by the 1st/2nd Century CE. Consequently, the metal used for this helmet is correct.

The crest is 100% horsehair, and is a fairly bright red in color. I have dyed and fitted this crest specifically to this helmet; it is removable, but stays in place unless someone yanks real hard on it. Real animal hair does not look like the plastic hair we see in movies, BTW... it gets dented, smooshed, etc., unless you store the helmet on a bookshelf (or in my case, atop the fridge). If it gets messed up, the hair can be steamed and/or blow-dried back into place. This helmet does not come with a liner.

These were the last of a batch made in Canada a couple years back; Iâe(tm)ve used these for movie work and history
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