Roman Seraphim Classics Angel - Haley Joyful Soul 2000 Retired #81879

Ihave 34 Roman Classics Seraphim Angels for sale from the years 1994 to 2003. Nearly all of these angels are retired and many were only produced for two years or less. Each angel has a small number written on the bottom for cataloging that is not visible unless turned upside down. Each box has the corresponding number written on it. These angels were previously owned by my grandmother. All angels are in great shape. Most angels have the certificate of authenticity.
Haley Joyful Soul Item 81879 features an angel with a sled with a dove on one hand and two rabbits around the sled. Comes with a certificate of authenticity that was bent (see photo). Box is beat up with a crushed corner and two tears on the top. This figure has an original MSRP of $192. The sled is large, this is a larger than average figure.