ROMANCE TREASURY SERIES ~ 21 volumes, small size set

~ Romance Treasury series ~

presented by: The Romance Treasury Association, of Stratford, Ontario Canada

published by: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. (Canada),

and printed & bound by: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. (U.S.A.)

21 - volume set - - (63 stories)

This appears to have been a subscription book membership that my Grandmother was a part of. Each volume edition contains 3 stories by various authors. There is NO volume-numbering on these, but they match, of course. I cannot find any information on the publisher's page as to whether or not these are abridged/condensed versions, but they clearly identify the original publication info. per each author/story.

The publication/release years of these volumes fall within 1981-1984, with most in 1982/83 (2 or 3 are 1981, and 1 is from 1984). However, it seems most, if not all, of the stories reflect the entire 1970's decade range of time for original publication.

Every volume and story contains its own set of b+w illustrations (simple, spare style), again, by a variety of illustrators. The dust jackets are likewise drawn by more than one artist.

Condition-wise, some appear to have not been read or handled much.

8 still have dust jackets which show minimal shelfwear and 1 is torn on the upper spine edge, and
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