ROMANEX BOUSSAC Cotton FABRIC-Upholstery/Drapes-58"x97

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Romanex de Boussac Cotton Fabric Panel - "Ramatuelle" Pattern - 2.6 Yards

Boussac of France - Colette Thurillet Design - Circa 1988


This is a panel of cotton fabric from the French brand, Boussac, with a design by artist Colette Thurillet for Romanex de Boussac. The fabric is heavy such as used for upholstery and draperies. It is approximately 58" wide (selvage to selvage) by 85" in length (with the seams at the top and bottom of the length). With the seams removed, the fabric would be 97" in length (2.7 Yards). The fabric weighs 1.50 lbs.

The design by Colette Thurillet is full of beautiful tropical flora including Birds-Of-Paradise. Colette Thurillet is a world-renown naturalist and artist.

The large panel shown in the 3rd photo below displays only about 2/3 of the fabric to give some idea of the pattern detail.

On the selvage edges, the fabric is identified with the following:

"Romanex de Boussac", "Ramatuelle", "Création Colette Thurillet", "C.B.S.F.", "Tissu Stabilise", "© MCMLXXXVIII".

The condition of the fabric is excellent. T is no damage to be found.


Boussac is a French brand belongs to the
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