Gorgeous album "Sunset of the Romanov Dynasty" printed in 1992 in Moscow. 343 pages fully illustrated with about 300 hundred of b/w photos of Nicholas II and Imperial family, including photos of Grand Dukes, Grand Duchess, Rasputin, Felix Yussupov. Many of the photos are simply unique. They included amateur snapshots taken by the members of the Royal family themselves. Some dozen of the photos bear the actual handwriting of members of the Imperial family - Alexander III, Nicholas II, Alexandra Fedorovna. The majority of the photographs have been printed from original glass black-and-white negatives which were preserved by some miracle in the Central State Archives of Cinematic, Phonographic and Photographic Documents in St.Petersburg. All the photos included in the book are carefully annotated and attributed. Wherever possible an indication is given no only of those shown in the picture, but also the place and date, and the name of the photographer.If necessary,further explanation accompanies the reproductions. Wherever possible the authors have tried to tell the story through contemporary documents, including excerpts from Nicholas II's diary and his correspondence with Alexandra Fedorovna , Grand Dukes and other relatives,exctracts from the memoirs ,diaries and letters of noted Russian public and political figures, courtiers, diplomats ... read more