Romantic Victorian Antique Ornate Cast Iron Bed

Romantic Victorian Antique Ornate Cast Iron Bed

Oh so Romantic! White Cast Iron & I can Ship!

Nothing better than a true antique Victorian Era Cast Iron Bed!

PLEASE note I did huge pictures for you and using a new editing program....huge sigh pictures turned out small. While the bedspead is listed you can see bigger pictures of the bed on that listing. Bedspread is listed in another listing.

This has been in my guest bedroom, time to re-do this room so it is for your home.

The bedspread you see shown on this bed is listed at this time..check my other listings out to find that listing.

The mattress that I have on this bed (sorry not included) are the new type of very thick mattresses. The mattress shown is 12 inches high and the box spring is 7 inches high. If you used a normal thickness of a mattress it would not be as high, and what would be called normal.

Bed is 80 inches long by 54 3/4 wide. Headboard is 65 1/2 inches high and the Footboard is 47 high.

My mattresses you see are Full Size.

No cracks, no breaks, no dents and the included original rails are straight.

This bed when I bought it years ago in my home town of Carmel California at an estate sale was painted a red color. Gary painted it white and thru the years and moves it has
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