L Ron Hubbard Pamphlet "Fortress in The Sky" 1967 reprinted in 1968

Fortress In The Sky is an 18 page pamphlet written by L. Ron Hubbard. According to details on the first page, it was reprinted from Air Trails magazine in May 1947 by special permission. It originally appeared under the pseudonym of Capt. B. A. Northorp. First printing by Lonsdale & Bartholomew in UK for Church of Scientology Publications Organization Worldwide in 1957, second printing 1967, then reprinted in October 1968.

The writer states "The military or naval problem posed by the appearance of the atom bomb is almost unsolveable, for that weapon gives such tremendous offensive striking power at such distance to any armed force that a prime theorem of military fundamentals is irrevocably violated".

This book describes a theoretically possible construction of a military base on the moon, along with how it could be built, mostly underground, and the function would be to protect the mobile unit or the missile thrower, to supply it, and to give it retreat for revision and repair.

The writer's primary concern as stated on the inside dover is to keep man from using atomic fission for suicidal war, to use it instead for unlimited power on earth, and space travel to other planets.