Rookwood arts and crafts vase, 1900-1904, 17D Z

Deep blue/green mat colored vase made at Rookwood Pottery. Marks include the company logo and the letters and numbers 17D Z. Height is about 4 1/4", width is about 5 3/4". Peck states in his first book, The Book of Rookwood Pottery, that the "letter Z was used following a number as the standard designation for shapes made for mat glaze finish from 1900 to 1904, at which time the Z category was discontinued and the shapes renumbered in the regular shape line". Peck further explains that the 17 would be a pattern or shape identifier. And he explains that "when a new shape was introduced with the intention of making it in other sizes, it was commonly assigned the letter C or D". As I am not an expert, I trust his explanation of the numbers and letters on the bottom of this piece. The vase is heavy (2 pounds) and horizontal bands seem to create the illusion that this was a hand built coil formed piece. These bands can be felt most obviously on the inside of the vase. THIS IS NOT A HANDBUILT PIECE, but apparently intended to look so. Please note what appears to be an incised curved line in the body of the vase near the top on one side. About 1/2" below this curved line is a small flaw (size of a pin head), either a tiny chip or a imperfection in the glaze. Further, t is another imperfection in the glaze (1/8") at about the same height ... read more