Ropat/CASLON MiniMod 197G Alarm Clock ****RARE****

Welcome to the Unofficial eBay Retro Digital Flip Clock Radio Store ! I remember the clock radio my parents had from the early 1970s all the way to the mid 1990s (when they finally discovered that technology has moved on), and being the sentimental guy that I am, when I see these clocks, memories flood back to my childhood days. What especially draws me to these clock radios is the raw, scratching sounds of the radio when the volume or station setting is adjusted, as well as the quick background ticking sounds of 1010-WINS. What's even better, these clocks have that old stale smell of ripe age, the plasticky, old musty smell of the good old days. Every clock radio being sold will have gone through the following tests for basic functionality ("as-is condition"):
There is juice flowing to these work dogs and they don't go up in smoke.
The dials still move and the clock and alarm settings, and radio controls all still work. There is basic radio reception. The frame isn't worn or damaged to the point where it's not even worth selling (except for shipping costs for someone who may need spare parts). Ropat/CASLON MiniMod 197G Alarm Clock - Made in Japan With its small footprint, this cream-colored buzzer-alarm clock is a great catch for those with limited space who want to live in style. The outside is in very good condition,
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