Roping,Ranch,Trail Saddle/ Custom A-Fork 16 In. Seat

This is a used Custom A-Fork made by Linda Little in Oregon, IL. The saddle is # 33 and dated 1999. It is truly a work of art. This heavy duty saddle is smooth leather. It has a 16 inch hardseat, 2 3/4 inch horn diameter, extra thick real wool in excellent condition, 27 1/2 inch overall skirt length, twisted stirrup leathers, strings,and brass dees. The gullet measurement is 7 1/2 inches. It has been owned by the same person since it was new. Everything on the saddle is original. The only things that could be replaced are the cinch strap and off billet strap. If you like the "old timey" western look, you will not find a better saddle. This saddle would cost thousands to replace. I can not stress the quality of the saddle. I sat in it on the saddle stand and I was impressed with the comfort. It is in very good condition. The horn is leather wrapped by the maker. The tree and horn are tight. The tree is wood, rawhide covered. The seat has a spur mark going across it. It is only cosmetic. The saddle comes complete with a back rigging and a front girth. Many people inquired about the saddle after the listing went off. We are relisting the saddle. There is no reserve.