Rory Gallagher Custom Built Relic strat electric guitar

You arebidding on a brand new custom built Rory Gallagher tribute model made from the finest of parts. Allthe parts used to make this custom build are brand spanking new. The guitar is built from vintage correct body and custom made parts. This is our Custom Shop Model!!!
This auction is for a Rory Gallagher Strat, which is ready to ship next working day!!
An alder body and custom built neck is used to build the guitar. The body and neck have been faithfully aged to recreate the look of the original strat and the plastic parts aged to look like years of sweat and grime have been pouring over the guitar. The guitar will play as good as it looks!!
The neck is made from maple, with a dark rosewood fretboard.

The paint used on this guitar is Nitrocellulose throughout.

The guitar is loaded with custom wound vintage voiced pickups. All our tribute models will be installed with the same calibrate set of custom wound vintage spec pickups. The bridge pickup is wound slightly hotter than the neck (5.6K) and middle (5.1K) pups having a DC resistance of 6.1K which gives it an ultra clear and bright bell like tone, yet never too tinny or fragile. Switching to the neck pickup, it's very transparent and full bodied but never reaches the point where it gets muddy. The star of the show however with regards to the sound
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