Rosa Bonheur Antique Print in ORIGINAL ROYCROFT Frame

NOTE: these images are scans and it was hard to generate good frame pictures. I did the best I could, hopefully my description of the frame will suffice.

This is an intriguing auction featuring THREE highly collectible items, continue reading to see the third. This is an original rare Roycroft antique wood picture frame, which contains an antique Rosa Bonheur print. The frame is guaranteed to be Roycroft although it isn't distinctly marked. I am unsure how old this Rosa Bonheur print is. The original picture, 'The Horse Fair' was done wayyy back in 1853-1855. I know it has been in this very picture frame for many years. A modern print of this picture, in color, unframed, sells for $40. I'm guessing this black and white print is SIGNIFICANTLY more rare. The print is still in great condition since it's been housed in a frame, however it is still yellowed by age and light damage. The artwork on the print measures 7 inches long by 4 inches tall.

The picture frame still contains its original glass and hardware. The front is in great condition and the original finish is only slightly faded in one area. The finish is even bolder and darker, as well as more intact, on the reverse. T is an old screw in each corner of the frame in the back, 4 in all, holding it together. T are two hook screws in which the hanging wire is
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