Rosary Blessed by John Paul II Proof of Blessing & BAG - Perfect gift

This is a Unique rosary imported for you directly from Poland - Pope's John Paul II mother land from the city of Cracow - the city were Pope John Paul II lived and where he become a priest, bishop, archbishop and from there he went to the next step to be a Pope. The Great Pope = Blessed John Paul II.
This special rosary is typical for the region of Cracow, Poland only. Pope John Paul II visited Krakow, Poland, Lagiewniki The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and celebrated a big mass on 17 of August 2002 there. The same day he consecrated the new Basilica in Krakow.
THIS WOODEN ROSARY WAS BLESSED BY POPE JOHN PAUL II on a private audience DURING THIS TIME comes with a proof of blessing Please note that we are selling the rosary only, the blessing we give it to you.
It comes with a beautiful ivory color bag.
Very top-shelf quality. Very elegant rosary, very limited stock. Regular size rosary, big enough to wear as a necklace. THIS IS A BRAND NEW ROSARY KEPT FOR ALL THIS YEARS. THIS ROSARY WILL COME WITH A PROOF OF BLESSING AND YOU WILL GET AN EXCLUSIVE BAG TO CARRY YOUR NEW ROSARY.
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