Roseville 1927 Cremona 10-1/2" Art Deco Vase w/Arrowhead Blossoms and Handles

This Roseville 1927 Cremona #359 vase stands 10-½ inches high by 5-½ inches wide, 4 inch base, and a 2 inch opening. This vase has elbow handles decorated with embossed arrowhead blossoms and leaves. Glazed in a soft light pink and frosted with a oyster/blue/green which is layered over the pink. This Art Deco vase has a ¾ inch by 3/8 inch chip on the bottom of the base which if you look from the side edge of the base standing it barely shows a ¼ inch loss on the bottom edge (see close up photos). There is a tiny fleabite on the top edge of one of the handles and 2 small fleabites on the top edge of opening. I looked at them through a loop and all were done in the kiln during the firing process. Bottom of vase has a EOU 375 in pencil (see close up), other then this there is no other damage of any kind or repairs. Shipping includes insurance.