Roseville Baneda 589-6, Vintage Art Pottery, Selling Collection

I'm try to be brief as I'm listing a good part of my collection, and allow the pictures to do the talking. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. PLEASE ENLARGE AND VIEW 'ALL' PICTURES, and then if you have questions, I live to serve my buyers!!
Note: if you see a "group picture", that is only to show the pieces in that particular pattern listed or being listed in that certain 'grouping'. You do NOT get all pieces shown, only the ONE piece which I will tend to show in the other remaining 11 pictures.
I am using an old price guide, from 2011 (Bassett's), which shows a book value for this piece at $550-$650.
This specific piece is very nice, shows well. I'm using 4 of my pictures to show you the rim of this piece. It is not damage, but looks a little darker. It's a factory/paint/firing thing, nothing but a little darker than the rest of the rim, but not damage. Look closely at the pictures and you'll see exactly what I'm discussing. It's nice.
Priced to sell.
I will of course combine shipping to try to help my buyers save. Here's how it works.......highest shipping amount is charged, 2nd highest shipping charge reduced by 50%, 3rd highest shipping amount reduced 75%, and 4th highest shipping amount reduced 100% (free). I'm not so sure I'd like to ship more than 4 pieces per box, however, if the situation
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