Roseville CARNELIAN II Vase Arts & Crafts Art Pottery

Details :
Fabulous, authentic, and with the most amazing glaze, I am offering this wonderful Roseville Carnelian II vase. It is in excellent condition - - practically like the day it came out of the kiln. The glaze colors are wonderful and vivid. These pieces often were "marked" by way of a foil or paper label, with no markings incised or stamped into the vase itself. That was most likely the case with this piece, as there is no incised or stamped maker's mark present. Please be assured, this is a guaranteed authentic Carnelian II piece. There are some marks that were made by some kind of pencil, as seen in the second photo. I have no way of knowing if these were made at the factory or afterwards.
I believe that the Carnelian line was produced for a very short period of time in the 'teens of the early 20th Century.
Please note that any large white marks in the photos are only reflections.
Measures :
height - 7.5 inches
across the top rim - 3 5/8 inches (outer edge to outer edge)
width across widest part - approx. 7 inches
Absolutely authentic!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!
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