Roseville Peony Vase, Gold/Green, 58-6.

Please note: If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you may not be able to read the item description. Please use a desk top or laptop to view items prior to ordering.
FREE SHIPPING! I always pay the shipping charges.
Please examine the photos carefully. They are part of the description.
Concerning sizes: Many pieces of Roseville pottery have the size on the bottom, after the item number. Also, for perspective I photograph each piece along side a standard 5" soft drink can.
If you find a defect I did not find it is not dishonesty, I did not see it. I inspect each piece carefully, but I might miss something. I inspect with my 20/20 corrected vision. I do not use any other methods.
Payment is expected within four days. I use only Pay Pal.
I do not consider crazing to be a defect, I consider it proof of its authenticity and age.
Prices are determined by A Price Guide to Roseville Pottery by the Numbers, 33rd. edition , year 2015 by John W. Humphries and Erin Hamilton. When an item is perfect, or 'mint', I price it at the lowest price given in the Price Guide. If an item is damaged or repaired I list it at approximately half of the lowest price in the Price Guide.
Items are carefully packed, and shipped USPS and insured. I try to ship the same day or the next business
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