Rosewood Melodeon Reed Organ, c1840

A lovely little rosewood American melodeon, circa 1840. No maker's name visible, but these were generally made in New England. They preceded the larger, nertical reed organs that were commonly sold until about 1910. The smaller melodeon-style organs were made until about 1860 or so. This example is in excellent condition. Dimensions are 37.5" wide, 20" deep. I believe it retains its original finish. The ivory key tops are in very good shape as well. The music desk has a break as you see in the photos, but should be easy to reglue. Surprisingly, the bellows and reservoir on this organ are in good condition, and the organ does play. It needs the two wood dowels that connect the pedals (the left pedal pumps the bellows, the right controls volume). These are regular hardware store 3/4" dowels stained black. T are a couple cyphers (notes that play continually), but this is a simple repair. T is one stop lever on the right which controls volume. I'm selling this "as-is", but you're getting an excellent melodeon that needs minimal work. I'm a piano and organ technician, and would be happy to do the work, should you wish me to. The organ is not heavy, so it can be boxed and sent UPS or Fedex. I only guess at the weight, but buyer will pay actual cost of shipping. You are welcome to pick it up as well.